Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hair Care Routine - How I Rescued My Damaged Hair

Today's post is something that I've been meaning to put together for a little while now, and that is a hair care routine / current favourite hair products type of post. I don't often talk about hair care on my blog as I'm very minimal when it comes to my hair - I don't do very much in terms of styling and I pretty much have had long blonde locks for as long as I can remember. However I recently had it done a little differently and I've also been using a bunch of different products that have made a hell of an improvement to my hair.
So I thought I better give a very quick history - as I mentioned above I've always been a blondie, I'm naturally fair (well dark blonde) but I've had highlights put in to make my hair look lighter for probably over ten years now, luckily for me my dad is a hairdresser. And considering that I've been colouring my hair for over a decade the condition of my hair has always been pretty decent. I also wash my hair every day too, which most people gasp at when I tell them but I just can not stand my hair greasy. Anyways for the last few years I have mostly been dipping in and out of bleaching my hair or if not using really light blonde highlights and again it was in a good condition. However over the summer I tried a different shampoo and conditioner that absolutely ruined my hair - you can read this post if you want to find out exactly what product it was.
It was a gradual process but I decided that it was definitely time to rescue my poor damaged hair. Here is exactly what I did; firstly I dumped the offending products in the bin and switched up my products . In particular I choose a lot more wisely with the sort of products I am going to use from now on. I am currently using the VO5 Cherish My Colour shampoo and conditioner which I've really been enjoying as I feel like it protects the colour without stripping it. Another thing that I like about this duo is that they are really affordable - VO5 is always on offer somewhere too. The star product for me has to be the RedKen Extreme Anti-Snap leave in conditioner as I have seen so much improvement in my hair since using this. It effortlessly gives life back to dry and limp ends making your hair visibly look healthier and feel better. Not a cheap product but 100% worth every penny, I get mine from FeelUnique where its a bit cheaper than in the shops.
When it comes to brushing I tend to leave things up to my Styler Tangle Teezer, as it does the job so easily without having to forcefully yank and tug at any knots or tangles. A product that I've gone back to using lately is my Tresemme Argan Oil Spray - for special ocassions or days when I want to give my hair a gorgeous shine this is such an amazing product. It makes your hair look so vibrant and glossy. This is probably it when it comes to products - to style my hair I half dry it and leave it in a plait to give me natural looking waves
Switching up my products certainly helped my hair, but there was only so much that these could do and my hair really had been through quite a lot so last week I decided it was time for a change up. I got some golden blonde highlights put in my hair, instead of my usual ones and I also had about 3 - 4 inches cut off my ends. I'm really happy with the colour, it has a warmer tone to it that I think will be nice over the upcoming winter months.  Just having the ends cut was enough to make my hair look and feel so much healthier - its got so much more life back in it now and if I continue to stick to the products I've been using it should stay this healthy looking.
Fresh from the hairdresser's.
QOTD: What hair products do you use?


  1. I love hair posts::: probably because I'm a bit hair obsessed (change and colour it loads) I love Redken anti snap to and was recommended using that to.....your lucky Hun you have lovely hair xx

    Laura// xx

  2. Your hair looks really lovely and healthy. I always worry about my hair and how healthy it is just because I do get a lot of split ends and it can get quite tangled. I think it's about time I invested in a tangle teezer!


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