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Real Techniques Marvellous Mini Brush Trio Review

Are these just the cutest makeup brushes you've ever clapped your eyes on or what? Relatively new in to the Real Techniques line is this marvellous mini trio of brushes. Now I should probably begin by adding that I am a complete sucker for anything 'mini' - just say the word miniature and I'm pretty much sold. However don't be fooled into thinking that I didn't give these brushes a fair trial before writing this post because I was actually a little sceptical about these when I first looked at them in the packet. My first thoughts were that these looked too tiny to grip and apply makeup with properly. Some miniature products are just gimmicky versions of the real things and I hoped and prayed that it wouldn't be the same for these little cuties. Let me say now that I should have known better than to question RT, after all they haven't failed us yet have they ladies? I am besotted with this trio. So lets talk about these in a bit more detail shall we.

So I thought I'd start off by actually talking about the size of them because that is what is so unique and different about this trio after all. They really are pretty small compared to your standard RT brush, I've included this picture above as it compares just how tiny these brushes are as they sit neatly in the palm of my hand. As I mentioned before, my initial concern was that these would be a little too small to actually work with, however they still feel really comfortable to work with as the actual piece that you hold is a decent enough size to manage all your tasks with - they don't feel like they are slipping out your hand or anything like that.

The set includes a mini face brush, a mini foundation brush and a mini shading brush however as with all RT brushes, their functions really can be very multi purpose. Now I think that the idea of these little brushes is to provide a neat and compact alternative to your everyday brushes for the avid travellers out there. As we all know, makeup brushes can take up quite a lot of space in your makeup bags - but alas not these. Not only are these miniatures obviously shorter than your normal brush but the bristles are also more closely packed together meaning that these fit perfectly in a makeup bag without bulking it up like a conventional brush would. Somehow these brushes are shorter and more compact but still manage to perform their jobs brilliantly.

With my upcoming holiday in mind and for the sake of this review I wanted to find out: can I get by using just these three brushes? And by that I mean would this trio cover you brush wise for the duration of say a weeks holiday? My honest opinion is that if you wanted to be quite minimal with your makeup and brush packing, that this trio is an awesome addition to have. I know that when I go away in September I have a 15kg allowance so I have to go fairly easy on the amount I'm taking and I know that these are going to be amazing!

Firstly, the face brush (the pink one) is quite literally like the baby version of our beloved expert face brush. The bristles are quite dense meaning that you can use this to apply your liquid foundation with and it will give you excellent coverage. This blends foundation like a dream and produces a flawless finish. The expert face brush is my favourite brush to apply foundation with, and so having a cute mini version of it is so awesome. But this mini face brush can also do so much more, for example I have been using this to apply powder and blush with too - its actually a really good size for blush as it glides excellently against the apples of your cheek. Perfect.

The mini foundation brush is great for applying concealer and highlighter, I think out of the three this one is my least favourite and the least multifunctional brush. To be honest the only thing I would use this for would be to highlight the underneath of my eye or my brow bone, however its still quite a necessary job and I'm glad its part of the set. Last but not least we have the tiniest brush of the three and that is the mini shading brush. I think I actually prefer the mini version of this to the full size, the bristles are quite dense but still fluffy so you can get away with using this to both pack on shadow and also blend it out. Other things you could use this brush for would be to cover little blemishes with concealer and also if push came to shove it could probably be used on the lips too to apply lipstick! Talk about multifunctional products ?

 Here the brushes are lined up next to their big sisters - aren't they just so cute?! As you can see they are very similar in shape but just on a much smaller scale. I know that the mini face brush is supposedly the smaller version of the expert face brush but I also think it is similar in shape to the multi-task brush in the way it subtly tapers round the sides, plus they are both pink!

Overall I am completely in love with this mini trio, they are cute but most importantly they deliver that excellent standard that we have learned to expect from the Real Techniques brand. If you really wanted to be minimal on packing you could totally get away with just these three brushes in your makeup bag for a holiday. To be honest I doubt I will really take too many more brushes on my holiday when I go away as these do serve a whole array of purposes and will also save me a hell of a lot of space! And if you're not going on holiday I think these would make a perfect addition to keep in your everyday makeup bag for touch ups on the go.

Once again, nice job Real Techniques!

Will you be trying this set from RT? What are your thoughts on 'mini' brushes?


  1. I have been really want to get my hands on this but read a really negative review and was put right off! So happy to read how much you loved them and will now have to purchase!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. I honestly think they are all a lovely little addition and for £7.99 (and 3 for 2 Superdrug currently) they don't exactly break the bank do they? Hope you love them as much as I do! X

  2. I am the same for anything Mini & these brushes look so cute & sound perfect additions to anyones makeup bag. Im going on my holidays in August & will be picking up these to take with me

    1. You definitely need to get these mini's then! xx


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