Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life Lately - On Turning A Year Older, Being Away From Home and Sensing A Change

It seems as though the older you become the busier life gets. Not a complaint I am making rather just an observation. I'd rather be busy than sit and watch time whittle by, however the last few weeks have been exhausting: hectic for both brilliant reasons and stressful ones too. Suddenly I find myself another year older, 23 sounds so much older than 22? Especially when it feels like turning 18 five years ago was just in the blink of an eye. I feel as though I've hit an age now whereby I need to take the future ahead of me seriously because time is vastly on my tail. When I think about the next five years I realise that a lot could happen.

I know I am perhaps jumping ahead of myself a little here, especially when I can't even be sure where I'll be in six months time let alone in five years. But that is the exciting thing about life and it makes the journey all the more interesting - you can never tell when it is going to throw something unexpected in your way.

We've been living at my Nan's for six months now while our house gets renovated and its reached a point where I feel as though we're in limbo. Sure we are comfortable enough here at Nan's but its just a home away from home. This is all a temporary setup so there is always going to be that underlying notion preventing me from feeling settled. Our building work has undergone quite a setback this week and so we have had an extremely tough few days, with what seems like hurdle after hurdle has been thrown at us. I have no doubt in my mind that we will find a way to overcome those setbacks and that things will turn out okay.

With all the stress going on these last few weeks I will say that the one positive thing that comes of it is that it really makes you determined to try and enjoy the good times. You savour each moment that makes you smile or forget the unrest at the back of your mind, however fleeting it may be. These moments remind you that even when things seem to be going wrong, you can always find some light in a dark time. And the light is usually enough to see me through.

I am determined to make the most of the summer weeks at my fingertips, so far it has been pretty awesome despite everything going on. We finally booked a holiday and so I have a week to get away, rest and spend quality time with my family - a bunch of us are going to the Brecon Beacons next month. I really can't wait.

Its also time for me to start thinking about making a few changes. I am in need of something new. I think I'm ready for some fresh challenges and goals. I want to try and sort out a new fitness routine, incorporating more focus on running. But for now I'm just waiting on the right time to put these plans in motion...

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