Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Review

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm: its a product that's pretty well heard of within the beauty world  but today I'm going to be giving my two pennies worth on it. There are plenty of rave reviews on this skincare classic from Clinique, but I started using this towards the end of last year so this isn't like a first impressions type of review. I made my mind up about this months ago yet I still wanted to give it a fair trial as I know our opinions can change. Its not very often that I have had to repurchase skincare but six months and a brand new jar later I think you can already tell how this review is going to go. 

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This is now my second tub of TTDO balm, so for a kick off I have to mention that despite the initial price tag being fairly hefty (currently £22) this lasts a good amount of time - six months of daily use isn't bad at all. Expect all the usual qualities from Clinique skincare items: its scent free and not at all greasy despite the fact that it melts into a silky oil consistency when you massage it into your face. I think my skin gets on so well with Clinique because of its fragrance free formulas, this doesn't upset or break me out at all - which is always a bonus in my books! However if you're one of those who likes your skincare being a bit more exciting this might let you down as its something I would describe as quite simple. It doesn't show off, or smell amazing but when it comes down to the nitty gritty it does a bloody good job. 

In terms of makeup removal I honestly think that this is incredible. I take about a 20 pence piece dob of the balm and its enough to completely remove all my makeup including stubborn waterproof mascara, dark lipsticks: you name it and this will take it off with ease. As soon as you take the solid balm to your face it begins to transform into an oil like consistency which effortlessly lifts everything from your face. Rinse this away with a cloth and warm water and you're done, its really that simple. No gimmicks no more products required. Its so quick and fuss free yet effective which I just love. Once I'm finished my skin feels comfortable not like its been stripped, there isn't any weird greasy film leftover just a smooth and clean face.

A few things I have noticed about the packaging that I think are worth a mention: aside from the fact that this is long lasting I'd say that its also a great product for travelling as it eliminates the need for eye makeup remover and a cleanser. You can pop this in your wash bag and you're pretty much covered. This is a personal preference but I like to use a spatula as doing so will keep the pot a bit more hygienic. I know that skincare is pretty personal but I  simply cannot find fault in this product and I see myself continuing to use TTDO balm for a long time coming!

QOTD: Have you used Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm? How did you find it?

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