Friday, 2 January 2015

Clinique Haul

Hello 2015! I'm starting my year of blogging with surprise, surprise a haul post. But I'm being a tad cheeky with this one as I actually picked these bits up a few weeks ago - technically last year - while I was on my recent winter break, when we went for a little visit into Norwich for a spot of shopping. While we were there I made a quick stop at the Clinique counter in Boots.

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that my skin has been really playing me up in the last few months, and my mum suggested that I go and try out some of Clinique's products as it might be a bit kinder to my skin. She also said that over the years Clinique have been some of her favourite foundations, so the first thing I was in search of was a foundation. As much as I love my Nars face products I do think that they have a tendency to make me break out a bit so I think that a new foundation could help in my skincare troubles.

It took a matter of seconds stood at the Clinique counter for me to feel utterly overwhelmed by all that they had to offer in the name of foundation. Thankfully I was quickly approached by a very helpful shop assistant and I told her all of my concerns, and the sort of foundation I was looking for - medium coverage nothing too cakey and she offered to try some on me so I could get a correct colour match. The foundation she recommended was the Clinique Even Better makeup, and she did an amazing job at applying the foundation and I loved how it looked - I won't say too much more as I plan on doing a full review shortly in the new year.

The next product I decided I would try was the Dramatically Different Moisturizer which was another family recommendation as quite a few of the women in my family use/have used it. I tried a little sample version of this moisturizer a while back and my skin got on with it so I hope that this will be a good safe option for me as a moisturizer. Lastly, I decided to try Take The Day Off balm to remove my makeup with. I've heard balms are meant to be one of the best types of cleansers to get every last scrap of makeup off your face and the shop assistant also said it was really good as a makeup remover.

Having been using these products for the last few weeks I'm already impressed with each one of them, as I mentioned I have a full review on the foundation on the way but if anyone would like a review of the other two products leave me a comment below :)

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  1. I've been desperate to get my hands on the take the day off balm for so long, look forward to hearing what you think of it :)

    Happy new year lovely,

    X Emma |


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